About Us

Isidoro Peña favorite quote is now a family favorite: “The door to opportunity is always labeled ‘Push.” Opportunity for the Peñas has come from determination, hard work, faith and family.

In 1978 Mr. Peña was able to buy a hand press tile machine that produced concrete tiles one by one. As the business expanded, as well as the size of the locations, Mr. Pena with the help of his brother Jose and son Jaime was able to start producing more stock for his growing business. The most that they could produce was 600 square feet per day. As the demand grew it became difficult to keep up with the growing pains of the business. At age 14, his daughter Martha joined the company to alleviate some of the pressure. One day a Spanish manufacturer tile representative offered ½ of a container, (which is about 6000 square feet) to Isidro at a very feasible price. The tile sold very well and it wasn’t long before the business was able to purchase a whole container. Now, 41 years later, Casa Mexicana Tile imports from over 25 different manufacturers around the world.

Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Mexico, China and Argentina are the countries from which product is imported as well as five other domestic manufacturers that produce some of the the highest of quality of tile in the United States. Always emphasizing quality, service and expertise as the core of the business, Isidro continues to work continuously with his children, and now grandchildren, including Michael, to continue the family legacy of being one of the most reputable tile importers in New Mexico.