Here’s a lot more to wood-look tiles than you think. Sure, they give the impression and look of that “wood feeling,” but are you aware of all the benefits wood-look porcelain tile has to offer? Naturally, there are a lot of rooms porcelain flooring would be a great match for—such as the kitchen, living area, bathroom—even as creative and complimentary accents.

A major advantage of wood-look tile is its easy maintenance. Unlike hardwood floors, modern porcelain tile doesn’t require polishing or sanding and is known to be easy to clean. Furthermore, they are moisture-resistant, providing the same aesthetic quality of actual wood without absorbing surrounding ambient moisture naturally found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Additionally, premium surface porcelain wood-look is more durable than hardwood, known to withstand wear and tear for over 20 years with proper installation, whereas its counterpart needs to be refinished to increase its lifespan. Also, there is a range of design and color schemes available with porcelain tile that stretch far beyond typical “plank wood.” This is in direct contrast with hardwood, which usually only comes in a handful of shades of brown.

Let’s take a look at some popular porcelain wood-look tile options to give just a sample of all the choices available!


Featured: Palmetto Fog

Palmetto Fog Wood Look Tile is available in 6×36 tiles suitable for a variety of wood-look tile flooring options. Its serene gray color with elegant contrasting veining gives the impression of hardwood that’s gracefully aged. This particular tile can go together perfectly with other color options and aesthetics, proving to be truly versatile in a kitchen, bathroom or living area. Additionally, this tile can serve as countertops, shower surrounds and even accent walls, making it a top pick when it comes to modern porcelain tile.


Featured: Upscape Greige

If you’re looking for a more “hardwood flooring feel” and wanting to go the tile route because it’s easier to clean and maintain, the Upscape Greige Wood Like Tile may be just the option for you. Known for its remarkable dramatic hardwood grain, this is available in various design solutions for a custom look and feel. After all, there is nothing like the sophistication of porcelain that resembles real hardwood, providing a commanding presence in any room of your choice.



Featured: Cottage Brown

Cottage Brown is a porcelain pick that is sure to transform and reinvent any space. Its nuanced variations of russet-colored knots and fine graining give a genuine and authentic wood look and feel. Its warm coloring gives off an inviting presence, suitable to a variety of tastes and styles.

Clearly, design options are limitless when it comes to opting for porcelain tile in lieu of real hardwood for your home or office. Considering its low maintenance qualities while still offering elegance and class, it’s worth spending time exploring all of the wood-look tiles out there to find the one that works for your own aesthetic and taste. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or modern design, the varieties of porcelain wood-look tile will surely serve you well.

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Article by M S International, Inc. (MSI)

When designing your kitchen or bathroom, is it possible to let your personality show and be creative while still maintaining an upscale, classic result? The backsplash is the perfect place to have some fun with your tile selection, especially with the many geometric backsplash tiles on the market.

Not only are these geometric shapes interesting and attractive, what makes them even better is that they’re made with fine marble. The result is a tile mosaic with sleek, defined edges that also looks soft and elegant. There’s no need to over-think the color selection or pattern, because with MSI’s geometric modern tile in neutral shades of marble you really can’t go wrong!

If you needed one more reason to consider this geometric wall tile, it’s that it solves a perennial problem among homeowners that seek upscale interior designs. Marble has been a beloved, favorite surface material for generations, but it has a reputation for being difficult to maintain. However, backsplash tiles are less vulnerable to the staining, etching, and other damage that marble is known for. These gorgeous marble geometrics bring all the glory with none of the hassle.

Featured: Marbella Lynx

The playful chain-link design of Marbella Lynx polished tile is an easy way to add flair to any space. The color scheme is pale and the glossy surface is reflective, so even small bathrooms can benefit. Crafted from two different types of marble, this mosaic combines soft gray with variegated beige, which means it’s so easy to combine it with your other elements of décor.

Featured: White Quarry Savona

With White Quarry Savona backsplash tiles, you can give your kitchen a Mediterranean flavor while still enjoying a traditional color scheme. The beige marble making up the larger portion has a bold pattern that resembles a wood grain, and it’s perfectly offset by the subtly-veined white-gray marble outlining each shape. Despite the distinctive tile, classic marble ensures it’ll stand the test of time.

Featured: Georama Nero Polished

Introduce a retro vibe to your living space with Georama Nero Polished mosaic tile. Featuring soft white marble outlined by jet black, the hexagon shape brings back the whimsy of Midcentury designs with a decidedly modern twist. Whether you choose it for backsplash designs or an entire accent wall, it’s proof that upscale need never be boring.

Featured: Geometrica Polished

Geometric shapes have become one of this year’s hottest trends. If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate this trend into your décor without overwhelming the space, Geometrica Polished tile may be the perfect answer. These backsplash tiles combine classic white and gray marble in a high-contrast pattern that complements contemporary design schemes.

If you’re unsure how these fabulous geometric backsplash tiles can fit into your own home décor, we suggest visiting MSI’s backsplash visualizer. Just like a boutique dressing room, you can try them on and even combine them with other elements such as cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. Backsplash tiles are one of the easiest ways to transform a room into something spectacular!

Top grade tiles and remarkable prices. In-stock and ready to go. Same day deliveries available
to surrounding areas, Deming, El Paso, Sunland Park, Alamogordo, T or C, Silver City, Ruidoso.


Article by M S International, Inc. (MSI)

Although they’ve been around for about a decade, extra large tile has become one of the latest trends in home finishes over the past couple of years. Their growth in popularity is partially because they go well with all design styles from contemporary to traditional and even rustic. With tons of different patterns, colors, sizes and even transparent tiles to choose from, they create spaces that are open, inviting and innovative. 

Their massive size may look a bit intimidating on the showroom floor, however, keep in mind that they can complement your existing wood-look tile, glass and even tumbled marble inlays. But, if you don’t feel bold enough of pair it with other styles, installing it on its own will give you sleek lines and will make a beautiful statement. 

Pleasing to the eye, large-format tile can give any residential and commercial building a dramatic effect that doesn’t have to stop at the floor. Using them on walls as a focal point can transform any room into a work of art.

Ultimately, in the flooring industry, size does matter! Appropriately labeled, the extra large tiles dwarf the average size 12”x12” tiles. They are available in square or rectangular shape and can be anywhere from 24” x 24”, 24” x 36” to a whopping 48” x 48”. Additionally, because they have fewer grout joints, the maintenance and upkeep is much easier.

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