Although they’ve been around for about a decade, extra large tile has become one of the latest trends in home finishes over the past couple of years. Their growth in popularity is partially because they go well with all design styles from contemporary to traditional and even rustic. With tons of different patterns, colors, sizes and even transparent tiles to choose from, they create spaces that are open, inviting and innovative. 

Their massive size may look a bit intimidating on the showroom floor, however, keep in mind that they can complement your existing wood-look tile, glass and even tumbled marble inlays. But, if you don’t feel bold enough of pair it with other styles, installing it on its own will give you sleek lines and will make a beautiful statement. 

Pleasing to the eye, large-format tile can give any residential and commercial building a dramatic effect that doesn’t have to stop at the floor. Using them on walls as a focal point can transform any room into a work of art.

Ultimately, in the flooring industry, size does matter! Appropriately labeled, the extra large tiles dwarf the average size 12”x12” tiles. They are available in square or rectangular shape and can be anywhere from 24” x 24”, 24” x 36” to a whopping 48” x 48”. Additionally, because they have fewer grout joints, the maintenance and upkeep is much easier.

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